To protect and serve….?

I know the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and several other issues have been all over the news, social media, and etc.  I have several different problems with the situation(s) itself. It has been pointed out that we (The United States of America) have a problem in regards to the value of life.  I have read some articles in The Washington Post, LA Times, and several newspapers.  All of these media outlets have failed to point out the simple police motto “To protect and serve.”  With so much going on within our police department and system that is supposed to protect and serve its citizens; why hasn’t their training been questioned?  What are their boundaries by law?  What are their personal ethical boundaries?
Scenario: Two officers are called to handle a hostile situation between two people. The person of interest has no weapon but is using constant profanity. One officer gets offended by the ongoing profanity and draws his gun.  The other officer has remained calm.  Does the law require an officer to draw his weapon in this offense?  Is the officer allowed to draw his weapon if he feels threatened or offended?  Where is the line drawn?
This is just one example of where ethics and laws are conflicting, however; where is the regard for human life?


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