Save your “Selfie”

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”
Nora Ephron

I found this quote last night.  For some reason, it really touched my heart.  I have never been the type of woman to be jealous of another woman for ANY reason.  My Mom taught me to be able to compliment another woman on her outfits, accomplishments, her beauty, her character and so on.  BUT there is one problem I have with some women.  Now days, plenty of women want to be “RESCUED” by a man or “RESCUED” by glorification of likes, comments, and attention of others.  It may be me, but I feel as though women are becoming more desperate for the limelight and decreasing their value/worth in order to receive it.

This leads me to the quote by Nora Ephron, I wish that we could all be the heroine of our lives as women.  We don’t need the social media hype and attention to know that we are beautiful.  We don’t need the likes for exposing our goods to gain a male’s attention.  We don’t need to settle for a man (that does not want to do better for himself).  We can still be our own heroes.  What happened to loving you first and developing a career for yourself?  What happened to wanting your OWN in order to be officially declared independent?  It seems that we as women have fallen and labeled ourselves as the self-proclaimed victim of a society that WE have actively partaken in as it continues to dumb us down.

I mean what happened? What happened to self pride and morals? Have we automatically become dedicated to the cause of what every single person thinks about everything we do in life or trying to impress everyone?  We are so quick (regardless of race) to spend $500 on weaves/extensions than to invest in quality and lasting things in our lives.  We are so quick to want to act to like a video vixen, reality star, big booty attention grabber on Instagram… WHY???? Out of all the women in history, why do YOU want to be like Miracle Watts, CoCo, Kim Kardashian, and Joseline Hernandez? Is it because of the fast money?  The attention? The clothes? I mean, you should really ask yourself… Do they have good insurance? Is that stuff that they are “wearing” actually theirs?  I mean, I am not knocking their hustle; however, some of you all are being just as hookerish as them but screwing a man for dinner at Ruby Tuesday or Cheesecake Factory and YOU can actually pay for it yourself.

I want you to really think.  Look in that mirror.  Look deep within yourself and examine EVERYTHING (I’ve done it).  What are you worth?  If you are worth a lot, ACT like it.  Carry yourself like it.  In a generation where we have coined the term, SELFIE, be about YOURSELF.  Be positive.  Have values and morals.  Set an example for all the little girls coming up.  Be your own heroine, not a victim.

Sweet P